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The Impact of Interview Tool on the Recruitment Process.

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Why Interview Tool?

We have developed the best software in the market to increase the selection ratio of the candidates .
Let us give you few reasons why we need such tool for business like job placement Consultancies and Colleges.

Gap bridging tool between Recruiter and Job Seekers...

Interview Tool is a professional, internet based Interview Preparation Tool Platform, using which you can share details for your aspirants (Job Seekers). A fast yet easy approach that lets you store your questions and Answers, Job Description and Client Information on an online Interview Tool platform seamlessly. Simple procedure involved in the creation of questions and Answers, Job Description and Client Information.

Considering an example: If in case you want to conduct a questions and Answers, Job Description and Client Information for a group with multiple Job Seekers. Interview Tool is the right platform where you can create, distribute and generate closers, to the performed tool efficiently.

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Consultancies and College Placement cells can use this tool. Interview Tool Designed for a new age innovation on enhancing candidates productivity and Interview performance. By which there will be a increase in Revenue and Selection ratio. This tool specially designed and developed by a team, who has 15+ years of experience in recruitment. This tool has been developed by keeping in mind the real time problems faced in sourcing a candidate to the client and due to less selection ratio.
Interview Tool is fully customizable, giving you complete control to build your CRM to fit your data needs. While Interview Tool primary use is for Recruitment, Sourcing right candidates, Managing clients open positions all at one place , and it's flexible enough to be useful for everything from managing clients to candidates.
Interview Tool is optimized to share your data with your team so everyone can see the latest correspondence with a client. Quickly set up teams, invite new users, and manage permission levels. Easily share contacts, email, files, and anything else needed to get the job done.
Make changes to your CRM structure on the fly and stay nimble with your evolving business. Connect external tools and automate your work flows with Interview Tool open API access and hundreds of integration options.
Elevate your recruitment experience with Interview Tool. Eliminate wasted time and repetitive email drudgery. Schedule crucial SMS/Voice reminders for the times when they'll have the most impact using send sms/voice, and know exactly when to follow up with tracking URL clicks from the candidates.

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Why Choose Interview Tool?

ONJOB.IN "We use Interview Tool software ourselves, and we want to give you all that we ourselves would like to get from any other company to solve real time problems being a Consultancy company."
Take a look at the list below to see why you should choose this new age innovative tool.

Very Flexible

  • No Installation
  • No Software Required
  • Can be accessed from any web browser
  • 100% responsive application
  • Can be accessed from any device
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Top Notch 24/7 Support

  • 24/7 support
  • Instant online troubleshooting
  • Online technical demonstration
  • Available for in-person training
  • Flexible on timings
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Well Documented

  • Technical details well documented
  • Well answered FAQ's for reference on your queries
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