How it Works?

About Company:

The quick facts & basic facts
• The skills they want
• The company culture
• Recent news
• Competitors

“A genuine interest in the position is one of the most important things employers are looking for in job candidates. Coming to the interview with a solid working knowledge of the company, it's industry and the requirements of the position is a great way to set yourself apart and up your chances of getting hired”

Job Analysis & Design:

No. of Positions Required
• Importance of Position – New Position or Replacement
• Client Required Professional and other Skills
• Job Title/Designation/ Position Name
• Min. & Max Experience, Education, Certifications Etc..
• Work Location & Timing, Shift Timings
• Industry & Functional Area
• Key Words/Skills to Search Right candidates
• Salary & Other Details
• Gender & Age Limit
• Remarks about J D
• Job Function (8 Hours Duty Details) Etc………


Analysis & Design End-End Analysis Of Client
Design Questions for J.D
Brief summary of this job’s primary purpose – why does this job exist.
What knowledge, skills, and abilities are needed to perform this job?
What are the work experience requirements needed for this job?

SMS to Job Seekers:

Please find below URL For Your Interview Preparation
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All The Best....
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Interview Tool gives you design cutting edge information about interview best practices and information about your clients. Your Candidates(Job Seekers) will walk in knowing exactly what to expect, and how to answer questions.

Tool Features

User Friendly

Simple to create account, easy-to-navigate GUI, Adheres to standards and Doesn't need third-party software.

Very Flexible

No installation required, it can be accessed from any browser using our URL and login credentials from any internet enabled device.

SMS/Voice Reminders

Send SMS/Voice reminders to the candidates(job seekers) regarding the scheduled interview.

SMS Job Details

Job descriptions and responsibilities can be shared to candidates through SMS as URL link.

Questions and Answers

Readily available Questions and Answers for all types of jobs and new Q&A also can be added.

Data Statistics

Gets you report about the candidates action on sent URL and usage of Jobs created and SMS/Voice

Data at Fingertips

Data available for all type of jobs and Industries specific interview basic and functional questions.

Client Job Openings

Manage all your clients job openings at one place.

After Sale Support

We are there to support you 24/7 and available on our support number or you can reach us to our Email.

How Interview Tool can increase Selection Ratio!

What is Happening....

One of our Candidate was waiting for his turn for the interview at one of our Marque Client’s premise. Candidate’s turn took a detour and had to wait for more 45 minutes. He entertained himself by having a look around, social media on his new I phone but still left with 20 minutes, finally he decided to get a glimpse about the company’s profile, Job he applied and few basic interview questions in regards to the position he applied. However our lazy freak wasn’t convinced to web multiple pages about his Job and the same old age boring questions he got from web, he diverted himself again to social media and spent the remaining time.....


 Recruiter may not have sufficient time to convey above information
 Recruiters who provide inadequate information about the job are like
     .About Company’s profile
     .Accurate Job Description
     .Basic and Behavioral Interview Questions
     .Job or Functional Interview Questions
 For One Open Position -->Search on Portals -->The result 100+ profiles.
 100+ Profile -->Screening and Filtering -->Appropriate 50+ Profiles
 50+ Profiles -->Tele Phone Interview -->Recruiter selection is 20+ Profiles
 20+ Profiles -->Face to Face Interview -->The Turn up is 10+ Candidates.
 10+ Candidates -->Shortlisted 5+ Candidates
 05+ Candidates -->Selection and Joining 2+ Candidates
Due to highly competitive job offerings in the market, nowadays to make candidates turn up for interview is a big challenge. Don’t miss the opportunity – “Candidates who have turned up for the Interview”

SOLUTION: A new Age Innovation on enhancing candidate’s productivity and Interview performance.

Benefits for Consultants and Companies:
     Increase selection ratio by 30 %
     Branding of the consultancy/Company through Interview 2.0 tool
     New database will be created for consultants/Companies as the tool will be forwarded to more candidates from one candidate through SMS/Whatsapp/email
     One click SMS to the candidates about the complete details of the Job (First of its kind in India)
     Saves substantial time as the productivity goes higher and higher by frequent usage of the product.

Benefits for Candidates:
     Increase selection ration 30%
     Gives clear cut clarity about the Job profile on a single platform which in turn will boost the confidence to crack the interview
     Feasible and convenient to use through SMS/whatsapp/email
     Just a Click to know all you need to know about the Job you applied….